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Climb CO MO

Columbia, Missouri, offers opportunities to enjoy adventurous rock climbing activities with friends. Whether you decide to try to scale the walls at Columbia's indoor rock climbing gym, The Bouldering Garden, or sign up for an outside class to learn the ropes at Capen Park, we are sure that you will see life from a whole new perspective.
Capen Park is a public park located next to Grindstone Park off of Rock Quarry Road, within the city limits of Columbia, MO. Many trails, deigned for running, biking, walking the dog, and watching wildlife, provide access to the MKT trail and the Katy Trail.  The MKT leads west from downtown Columbia to the Missouri River, where the Katy Trail can be used to access St. Louis via a bike or on foot.  Thanks to the Rails-to-Trails project, Columbia's green areas, like Capen and Grindstone Park, connect through a system of bike-able trails and allow for many to enjoy the peace of mind that sits minutes outside of the daily grind. Call for rock climbing reservations today: (573) 474-4997     CLIMB AT CAPEN PARK click link

Outdoor Classes:

Adventure Zip Line and Climb Enrollment  (Below classes include: Safety Equipment & Instruction)

_____      Adventure Zip Line and Climb reservation fee $49 per participant      2 hours of fun / $99 each additional hour

_____      Zip Line Camp-Out Adventure (by reservation Only and available to meet larger Group Needs)

               This walk on the adventurous side includes activities such as low rope dynamics, scaling rock walls, and screaming down zip lines.

                Additional options may include rappelling into a canyon, rolling kayaks, swimming, and learning to safely explore caverns. 

Mountain Edge Climbing Class Enrollment  (Below classes include: Safety Equipment & Instruction)

                Package Class Options    (Some Packages include gym membership & possible outside class requirements)    

_____      $25 Scout Merit Badge Part 1 Indoor = ($25 x _____ # Participants) =                    (Min of Five Scouts) 3 hours max

_____      $50 Scout Merit Badge Part 2 Outdoor = ($50 x _____ # Participants) =                 (Min of Ten Scouts) 4 hours max


_____      $99 Day Out On The Rock  "Best Seller" = ($99 x ____ # Participants) =                 (Min of 5 Participants) 4 hours / $99 each additional hour

_____      $250 Beginners Learning the Ropes Weedend 105 = ($250 x _____ # Participants) =         (Min of 5 Participants) 2 days                

_____      $250 Learning to be a Leader Weekend 205 = ($250 x _____ # Participants) =                  (Min of 5 Participants) 2 days        

_____      $250 Backcountry Ice & Alpine Weekend 306 = ($250 x _____ # Participants) =                 (Min of 5 Participants) 2 days