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Missouri: New Zone from Daniel Gale on Vimeo.

X Marks The Spot from Daniel Gale on Vimeo.

John's OCD (obsessive climbing disorder)
 Sam Surge to Youtube:

From "Falling From The Heavens" by Marcus Floyd

Skydiving and rock climbing are two sports that have some common grounds. As a licensed rigger I utilize my skills in building anchor systems for filming extreme vertical landscapes both on the rock and in the air. Falling From The Heavens is a short production demonstrating a use of visual video transitions of vertical rock climbing and skydiving VRW transitions. I hope that you can enjoy this low resolution post for maybe some ideas for your very own next project. by Marcus Floyd 2007

Chris Sharma
on February 24, 2009Esperanza V14 by Chris Sharma

Martini Roof Hueco Tanks Texas State Park
El Paso TX

See this roof system during our next trip this fall and winter. (573) 474-4997

John's List of Videos from the Bouldering Garden

June 11, 2007
Chris Sharma mandando Dream time... V15
June 04, 2007Chris Sharma on the first ascent of Dreamcatcher

March 09, 2007Chris Sharma doing the 2nd ascent of No Additives (V13?) at Joe's Valley, Utah.

July 22, 2007Footage of problems in the Secret Garden area on North Mountain, Hueco Tanks State Park, TX