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Hammock Traveler

Attention All Hammock Travelers!
Sporting It Up In Aruba
A couple different types of rock formations and rock climbing can be enjoied while visiting Aruba. Aruba is in the south Caribbean, only miles off the coast of Venezuela. Click the link above and explore our experience bouldering granite rock formations and ascending the overhanging limestone, sport lines on Aruba's south-eastern coast line. Hammock camping is available 2000 feet left of the many sport wall, under overhanging rock, bomber boulder problems, and just above deep white sand.
Bouldering Bonaire (Dutch)
Several different types of rock formations are available while visiting Bonaire. Bonaire is in the south Caribbean, miles off the coast of Venezuela. Click the link above and explore our experience bouldering rock the overhanging limestone formations of Bonaires eastern coast line. Bouldering Bonaire is for the bravest of climbers! Do not forget the snorkeling gear.
Rock Climbing in Puerto Rico (US)
Steep Limestone rock formations will keep you busy while visiting Puerto Rico. Multi-pitch routes litter backcountry, bamboo hide-a-way, stalactite formations. Climbing in Puerto Rico is a must do for the "hammock traveler."  
Dominican Republic Routes
Steep Limestone, Marble, and other
 rock formations can be found along the coast lines of this large island. Sixty meter rappels into sinkholes reveal walls of climbable root systems that force one to use crack climbing techniques. Many stalactite limestone formations are available for new route establishment. Climbing in the Dominican is also a must do for the "hammock traveler." Reasonable room rates can be found along the coasts for those wanting a shower for the night.
Mallorca's Deep Water (Spain)
Steep Limestone rock formations cool you off while visiting this beautyful island of the Mediterranean Sea. While the south-eastern coastline is home to quality deep water soloing, single and multi-pitch routes litter the island's western mountains. Climbing in Mallorca, Spain, reminded me again-and-again of Rifle, Colorado, due to the general steep craggy nature of developed areas, route difficult, high quality limestone, and friendly locals. 
Exploring Arco (Italy)
Steep Limestone routes are a dime a dozen and pizza is affordable. While mostly known for the concentration of steep single pitch routes, multi-pitch routes litter backcountry, alpine walls. Climbing in Arco, Italy is great for the "hammock traveler." Deep water soloing is limited but available along Lago de Garda!