Visiting The Gym

The Bouldering Garden (573) 474-4997
Some people are born to run; some are born ninjas, scrambling up and down walls like a Tokay gecko. Unleash your inner lizard warrior with this all American obstacle course challenge tonight, at the Bouldering Garden.
Gym Hours, Prices, Location
5400 Saint Charles Road Suite C Columbia Missouri MO 65201
Currently Winter Hours are in effect.
All guests need to call for weekend hours. 
Mon - Fri     6 pm-9 pm (Easy access, closing by 10 pm)
Sat             12 pm - 4 pm (Call for update - Reservations)
Sunday        Key members & Reservations Only (call or text)

Mon - Fri     $15 Gym Intro (first time visit, fun pass)
Friday         $15 Youth Pass 6 pm - 9 pm

Join us inside the Bouldering Gym. Gym intro classes available daily. 
Walk-in clients Mon - Thu 630pm - 730pm (ends by 9pm).
$49 Beginner Rock Climbing Techniques
$64 "Parents that Rock" beginner climbing class for 2, parent and child.

$25 "Teens that Rock" classes for beginners Mon - Thu 6pm - 8pm.
$120 Youth climbing class pass, 10 punch pass card for ages 17 and under.
$15 "Kids that Rock" is a one night pass for ages 11 and under.
Discounted children's class price covers kids attending climbing class with two parents.
$15 Gym Intro (first time visit, easy access fun pass)

Coupon Specials
Some people are born to run; some are born ninjas, scrambling up and down walls and ceilings like a Tokay gecko. Unleash your inner lizard warrior with this challenge from Groupon. Visit Groupon during January to find a parent and child, couples night out, or New Years resolution special. Happy holidays from the Garden!

Gift Certificates

Guided Climbing

Learn the ropes outside during a beginner climbing class or a fun guided climbing adventure for the experienced climber. It is your choice! Beginner rock climbing classes held outside, on real rock, are available weekly. $49 Instructor reservation fee per person
Ask for a Buddy Guide while you are in the area. Check availability for a 1/2 day climb, full day or weekend guide reservation!
$49 Reservation fee for those experienced climbers needing a safe, fun climbing guide (buddy) who has all the right equipment.

Directions & Map:
5400 Saint Charles Road Suite C

Columbia Missouri MO 65201

aka- Columbia's Rock Climbing Gym and Guide Service        


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Learn to Rock Climb
Missouri rock climbing classes are available nightly for beginner walk-in customers, while  more advanced rope and rock techniques require reservation. Learn the ropes from the experts. Play safe and enjoy life. Beginner climbing classes are available for the kids as well. Most classes are 1 - 2 hrs and available for walk-in beginners Tue, Thur, Fri, and Sat nights between 6pm - 730pm (classes end by 9pm)
$49 Teens That Rock (per teen, per night, designed for beginners) $15 passes available for returning students.
$49 Kids That Rock (per child, per night, designed for beginners)
$15 passes available for returning students.
Our main product lines, include: Evolv rock climbing shoes, Trango, Advanced Base Camp, Singing Rock, Camp, Omega Pacific, CMI, Black Diamond, Sterling Rope, New England Ropes, and Edelweiss Rope just to name a few. All Members receive a discount.

Welcome Back to the Bouldering Garden...
1. Triangular features added to the overhangs!
2. WFA - Gym hosts wilderness first aid classes...
3. "Endless Climbing"; Our Tread Wall rotates like a vertical treadmill, changing from steep slab to overhang.
4. Our 45 Degree overhanging wall redesigned...
5. Dyno for this dino-tooth like stalactite! A mega-feature, called the "Megla-tite", now hangs 3 feet down from the east roof.
6. The 70 degree and 80 degree overhang now extends into a 60 foot roof system! Wow... Roof mimics the "Martini Roof."
7. Extra large flake features added to the east slab wall. (finished)
8. Hammock Traveler Forum: please send your pictures of island hopping or climbing with a hammock!
9. Slack Line to practice tight rope walking balance
10. Fat gym rope climb and swing is just one of the warrior obstacle course training features
11. Steep Pirate's Cargo Net is a hit with the younger crowd during our adult and child, kid birthday parties and group dynamic, obstacle course, challenge activities.

Guided Kayaking

Join us outside for an intro kayaking class or to practice your skills. It is your choice! Beginner kayaking classes focus on beginner water skills and building a good foundation of technique for advanced classes.
$49 instructor reservation fee per person
Sign up now for a 1/2 day class, full day activity or weekend float and camp-out! 
$49 Kayak rentals available (gym members receive 50% discount)

Join us on a kayaking trip or take advantage of our rental program.
Sign up for a full day rental, weekend rental, or weekly rental discount! 
$49 Kayak rentals available (gym members receive 50% discount)

Ideal Hammock Adventures
Attention All Travelers!
For those of you who enjoy a clean mountain breeze, a hammock may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Much like a hammock, the port-a-ledge design allows climbers to sleep on the side of a cliff while remaining safety anchored. So feel free to exchange the work hammock for the possible use of another compact, portable sleeping arrangement during your next klettersteig, or via ferrata adventure. Despite the language used during an ascent, mountains challenge all of us. The real question is the quality of the experience. We only have so many days in our lives to speak the words: tyrolienne, Eiger, sportklettern, noboru, bergsteigen, alpinismo, faire de la varappe, escalada en roca , scalare, and rotsklimmen. Be ready for your next climb and those friendly belayers along the way.
A couple different types of rock formations and rock climbing can be enjoyed while visiting Aruba. Aruba is in the south Caribbean, only miles off the coast of Venezuela. Click the link above and explore our experience bouldering granite rock formations and ascending the overhanging limestone, sport lines on Aruba's south-eastern coast line. Hammock camping is available 2000 feet left of the many sport wall, under overhanging rock, bomber boulder problems, and just above deep white sand.
Several different types of rock formations are available while visiting Bonaire. Bonaire is in the south Caribbean, miles off the coast of Venezuela. Click the link above and explore our experience bouldering rock the overhanging limestone formations of Bonaires eastern coast line. Bouldering Bonaire is for the bravest of climbers! Do not forget the snorkeling gear.
Steep Limestone rock formations will keep you busy while visiting Puerto Rico. Multi-pitch routes litter backcountry, bamboo hide-a-way, stalactite formations. Climbing in Puerto Rico is a must do for the "hammock traveler."  
Steep Limestone, Marble, and other rock formations can be found along the coast lines of this large island. Sixty meter rappels into sinkholes reveal walls of climbable root systems that force one to use crack climbing techniques. Many stalactite limestone formations are available for new route establishment. Climbing in the Dominican is also a must do for the "hammock traveler." Reasonable room rates can be found along the coasts for those wanting a shower for the night.
Steep Limestone rock formations cool you off while visiting this beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea. While the south-eastern coastline is home to quality deep water soloing, single and multi-pitch routes litter the island's western mountains. Climbing in Mallorca, Spain, reminded me again-and-again of Rifle, Colorado, due to the general steep craggy nature of developed areas, route difficult, high quality limestone, and friendly locals. 
Steep Limestone routes are a dime a dozen and pizza is affordable. While mostly known for the concentration of steep single pitch routes, multi-pitch routes litter backcountry, alpine walls. Climbing in Arco, Italy is great for the "hammock traveler." Deep water soloing is limited but available along Lago de Garda!

WFA  in Columbia, Missouri $49 reservation fee, please call (573) 474-4997

The Bouldering Garden is sponsoring a three session (WFA) Wilderness Emergency Care Course for climbers, hikers, skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, campers, and anyone interested in being prepared to render emergency first-aid in an outdoor environment. This first step, foundation course is a requirement for those enrolling in our Wilderness First Responder certification. This Outdoor First-aid and Wilderness Emergency Care certifications are designed around the sporting enthusiast. Course curriculum involves hands-on training scenarios where sport specific gear is utilized for effective task achievement. Survival and self rescue topics may include field sessions, weather permitting, and incorporate the use of sporting goods of each students selected sport interest. This training is essential for ski patrol, climbing instructors, scout masters, den leaders, adventurous parents, hunters and field guides of all kinds. 

WFA is available during early spring, summer and late fall to help sport specific instructors prepare for the season. Please send an email or call to express your interest in participating during our next class. (573) 474-4997

Learn to Skydive
Skydive Columbia, Missouri
Skydiving class meets through the week between 7pm - 9pm

1. Call to reserve your spot and start living a new, full life as your own pilot!(573) 489-4997.

2. Lecture available week nights at 630pm. Learning to fall is only half of the fun! Beginner skydiving students meet one or two evenings a week for hands-on class discussion before heading to the dropzone friday evening. Whether you desire to jump from a plane solo or feel safer falling strapped to a tandem master, this skydiving class will answer questions and provide a new perspective on your life.

3. Next, you will have a chance for hands on experience. (weather dependent) Friday night camping at the dropzone ensures a early rise for Saturday morning class that starts at 8am. Class length depends on attendance and ability to retain information. (8am - Noon) This is only the beginning! Piloting your own canopy will provide years of enjoyment and a sense of freedom.
$49 Skydiving Lecture (per person)
$175 Weekend Jump Course (per person) student discount
College Student Group discounts available! Prices subject to change depending to fuel prices.

Skydiving in Columbia, Missouri. What a concept! Skydiving classes meet in Columbia, Missouri, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and camp at the dropzone on Friday night. Lecture Class is open to ages 17 and up!
Thursday Nights are for new and returning students; introduction to learning to be your own pilot.
Friday Night camping is available free for skydiving students. Camping is a suggested donation of $5 per person for guests 18 & older.
Saturday pre-flight class starts at 8am. Jumping is available all day until 30 minutes before dark.
Sunday pre-flight class starts at 8am and is a great time for an early morning review for progressing students. Sundays are also used to take students to the next step with the PRCP training. This mandatory class prepares you for jumping without the add of a static line.
Tuesday evening class starts at 7pm and is a review of weekend jumps and a great intro night for curious friends.
Thursday evening class is for new students and progressing students to share their jump experiences.
Skydiving classes serving Jefferson City, Moberly, Fulton, Columbia, Ashland, Lake of the Ozarks, Boonville, Mexico, Sedalia, Marshal, Carrolton, Turman State, the University of Missouri Students, Boone County, Missouri skydiving classes available 2010
Links to other stores around Columbia Missouri:
PARK SIDE SKATE SHOP  (573) 474-5283
1614 Business Loop 70 West Columbia MO 65202

Wood-Link Fence Company Inc (573) 474-5115
5400 Saint Charles Road Columbia Missouri 65201 (South off I-70 at the Lake of the Woods Exit 131)
Wood Link Fence installs fencing in Columbia and around central Missouri.
Are you looking for wood, chain link, rod iron, vinyl, or aluminum fencing? Call Wood Link Fence now for suggestion on your perimeter security needs or next backyard project. 

Wood Link Fence specializes in the installation of security gates, including automated industrial cantilever gates, neighborhood road swing gates, remote activated, solar charged farm gates, and parking lot barrier arm systems. They provide estimates for the install of new entry systems, the repair of existing automated systems, response to immediate security access issues, and regular maintenance inspections. Workmanship is backed with a warranty!

Visit them at the following website or feel free to email.
Service Tech (573) 489-4997 
(text welcome)