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The Bouldering Garden
(573) 474-4997
5400 Saint Charles Road Suite C Columbia Missouri MO 65201
Mon - Fri open 6pm-9pm (closing before 10pm), Sat noon-4pm and 6pm-10pm
Sunday for key members only. Group events by reservation only.
        Our rock climbing gym, located in Columbia, Missouri ( MO ), consists of 2 large caves, a 45 degree wall, a large stalactite, 2 pillars, several slab walls, dihedrals, cracks and many arêtes. The gym itself is designed primarily for bouldering and provides lots of soft landing crash pads. The rated problems range from 5.3 to V10+, which includes a traverse that travels completely around the gym, stretching over 150 feet. New bouldering problems are developed daily. With a chilled atmosphere and a friendly, experienced staff, you will feel comfortable bringing your friends and family along to enjoy the exciting workout. Beginners are welcome and walk-in classes start between 6:30 pm and 7:30pm nightly.
         Try our balance board and slack line, both of which improve core strength and important climbing balance. Imagine testing your balancing skills, on a 1 inch wide line of webbing. Below your feet are thick blue mats that represent a pool of toe eating monsters. Every time you touch a mat a monster takes a toe. 
        Once the upper body feels pumped, head back to the Tread Wall and high step steep slab for tousands of feet. The rotating wall offers seemingly endless climbing, acting as a thread mill for climbers.
        Healthy concessions are offered at the front counter, as-well-as, a range of rental equipment, such as climbing shoes. A table, coffee maker, and microwave are available for members and group events.

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Call 573-474-4997 or email us today. Youth Groups & Birthday Parties


Call 573-474-4997 or email us today to ask about an adventure outside.