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Basic Climbing Test

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Try Section 7
Training for Routes- Section 7: Bouldering Success (26 Points) short answer
1. What is the most important responsibilities of a spotter? 
2. What are the four components of physical fitness? 
3. What is important before, during, and after a bouldering session? 
4. Describe the ‘4-3-2-1’ Training Cycle. This refers to what? 
5. What is endurance?
6. How do you train for power?
7. List three things the body needs before, during and after power workouts.
8. The sacred triangle training program is based on what four basic fundamental rules?
The 7 Absolute truths of Climbing Performance-
1. The best training for climbing is climbing.                                                                      Yes _____    No _____
2. Wasted energy and time are lost forever.                                                                       Yes _____    No _____
3. General conditioning is the safest type of training for beginner-level climbers.                 Yes _____    No _____
4. Sport-specific conditioning is the most effective fitness training for advanced climbers.   Yes _____    No _____
5. Strength training can build endurance, but endurance does not build maximum strength.  Yes _____    No _____
6. Recomposing and strengthening occur only during sleep and rest days.                             Yes _____    No _____
7. The body should only go where the mind has first already gone.                                       Yes _____    No _____

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Feb 21, 2010, 1:01 PM