Learn to Skydive

Skydive Rigging and Piloting 101

1. Thursday Night 6:30 pm at the Bouldering Garden

Whether you want to jump solo from a plane, during your first jump, or wish falling from the sky strapped to a tandem master, this skydiving class will inform you and open your eyes to a new new perspective on life. This is the beginning of learning how to be your own pilot, because learning to fall is only half of the fun. New skydiving students meet for a hands-on equipment rigging session and piloting lecture. (see outline below)

2. Next, you will have a chance for hands on experience. (weather dependent) Friday night camping, at the dropzone, ensures an early rise for the Saturday morning class that starts at 8 am. Class length depends on attendance. (8 am - Noon)

3. Call to reserve your spot and start living a new, full life as your own pilot!

(573) 489-4997

$49 Per Student (lecture only)

$225 Per Jump Student

Skydiving in Columbia, Missouri. What a concept! Skydiving classes meet in Columbia, Missouri, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and camp at the dropzone on Friday night.

Thursday Nights are for new student introduction to learning to fly and save your own life.

Friday Night camping is available free for skydiving students. Camping is a donation of $5 per person for guests ages 13 and up.

Saturday pre-flight class starts at 8 am. Jumping is available all day until 30 minutes before dark.

Sunday pre-flight class starts at 8 am and is a great time for an early morning review for progressing students. Sundays are also used to take students to the next step with the PRCP training. This mandatory class prepares you for jumping without the add of a static line.

Tuesday evening class starts at 7pm and is a review of weekend jumps and a great intro night for curious friends.

Thursday evening class is for new students and progressing students to share their jump experiences.

Skydiving classes serving Jefferson City, Moberly, Fulton, Columbia, Ashland, Lake of the Ozarks, Boonville, Mexico, Sedalia, Marshal, Carrolton, Turman State, the University of Missouri Students, Boone County, Missouri skydiving classes