Birthday Party / Youth Group Challenge

$50 2 hour instructor reservation fee plus a fee per participant the day of event (min of 5 participants)


Indoor Rock Climbing Classes

Rock climbing is not just for monkeys and mountain goats. Bouldering is an alternative workout for those looking to improve their physical and mental health. Technical climbing, often referred to as rock climbing, is just one of six different "classes" that a hiker can encounter when pursuing the summit of a mountain. In this fifth classification, the hiker can experience difficulties any-where-from climbing a ladder to hanging from one finger. Introduction to rock climbing teaches you how to judge a routes difficulty, discover your current level of ability, and learn the basic techniques needed to push through the next levels. A rotating climbing wall will offer you the chance to climb thousands of feet without ever being more than a couple feet off the ground.

$49 Introduction to Rock Climbing (for beginners)

$49 Belay Certification (reservation required)

$99 Parents that Rock (for three beginners) Example: 1 parent and 2 children or 2 parents and 1 child

Teen Climbing Discount Pass

Designed for teens 13 - 19 who want to "hangout" with friends, while exercising and learning more about rock climbing. Mon - Fri Nights 6 pm-9 pm (Close by 10) Sat noon - 4 pm

$15 per participant

$120 3 Month Student Pass

"Parents That Rock" Discount Membership

Youth climbing classes are available for walk-in customers or by reservation. Parents, you may wish to climb with the kids, at the gym, to keep them from climbing your walls at home. Tue - Fri evenings between 6-9 pm, Parents that Rock is a fun adventurous activity that includes rock climbing games, slack lining, traversing the "snake pit", big gym rope challenge, rotating wall race, balancing board and low rope group dynamics. Obstacle course activities are fun for kids and those who are still a kid at heart!

$15 per participant

$49 Monthly membership (parent and child discount for returning customers)

You sign up, as the parent, you will receive a free monthly pass for one child. We support healthy family activities!

Outdoor Rock Climbing Classes:

$49 - $99 individual or Group reservation fee

Sign yourself up for a personalized outdoor rock climbing experience, or a group, for an adventurous outdoor activity! Rock climbing, kayaking, zip lining and slack lining are just some of the activities available during your next trek outdoors! Hours of excitement, designed for most ages, will keep your group talking about this outing for years. Group discounts apply and is more affordable than you think. Classes available for organized group events, suck as: scouts wanting to achieve the climbing merit badge to business party team building event. 2 - 4 hours of excitement designed for most ages. We suggest more time for larger groups.

Rock Climbing Study of Fundamental Movement Click here to read more!

Through geometry, the triangle is applied to many different industries, including structural engineering, for added support and stability, during the creation of a lever. Follow an instructor through this study of fundamentals to discover how to apply geometrical concepts, in everyday rock climbing movement, during your next crag climbing visit, gym training program, or on-the-go workout.

Test: See if you can test-out of our beginner test provided as attachment below.