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Birthday Parties that Rock

Birthdays that Rock is an indoor group event, including: 2 hr reservation, rental shoes, chalk, instructor, fun group activities, party table and structured challenges designed for ages 5 and up. Group fees are discounted based on group size, event time, the number of instructors required, and the required min of 5 participants.

Group Instruction Fees:

$50 Instructor Reservation Fee, then a price per participant, the day of the event, as follows:

$10 Per youth, Mon - Fri 6 pm - 10 pm

$15 Per participant, Sat 12 pm - 10 pm

(573) 489-4997 Text Welcome

Please email or text your name and mailing information if you purchase a membership, gift certificate, or other online gym pass so that we can double check information and respond asap. Thank you!

2 hr Indoor Event:

$50 reservation / instructor fee, then a price per person the day of event. Two hour indoor events are great for ages five (5) and up, while younger kids are welcome with additional, direct adult supervision.

Some people are born to run; some are born ninjas, scrambling up and down walls like a Tokay gecko. Unleash your inner lizard warrior with this all American obstacle course challenge tonight, at the Bouldering Garden.

Parents enjoy the healthy, alternative birthday party activities offered at the Bouldering Garden, rock climbing gym, in Columbia, Missouri. Birthday parties are easier than ever in Columbia. With a quick call to check availability, your event is booked so you can proceed with the invitations, stating "save-the-date!" Then, on the day of the event, a party table is available for decorating, opening presents, and enjoying pizza, cake, cookies, or other goodies you want to bring for the participants.

Kids always love the birthday party activities, including not only a maze of climbing walls, but also a rope swing, slack line, tight rope crawl, spider web cargo climbing net, rotating climbing wall, imaginative obstacle course challenges, and other ninja warrior-like problem solving with some of their closest friends.

Obstacle course activities include balance boards and a slack line, both of which improve core strength, important climbing balance, and while building trust in others who are spotting. Imagine testing your balancing skills, on a 1 inch wide line of webbing. Below your feet are thick blue mats that represent a pool of finger and toe eating monsters. Every time you touch a mat, a monster takes a toe so the goal is to stay on the walls.

Once across the tight rope and quicksand, we swing across the snake pit and head back to the Tread Wall. There you can try to climbing steep slab for thousands of feet or completely pump out on a seemingly, endless overhang. (The rotating wall is as a vertical tread mill for climbers) Next, imagine your self extended out-and-over, off the edge of a pirate ship while managing across a the cargo net. Even spider man would enjoy hanging out on this web. Family group activities are encouraged and parents are always welcome to show the kids how it is done! Healthy concessions are offered at the front counter, as-well-as, a range of rental equipment, such as climbing shoes. A table, coffee maker, and microwave are available for members and group events.

2 - 4 hr Outdoor Event:

Outdoor Group Event Prices: $99 instructor reservation fee, then a fee per person the day of event. Three to four hour outdoor events are great for ages ten (10) and up, while younger kids are welcome with direct parent supervision.

(573) 489-4997 Reservations By Phone

Outside Birthday Party $50 (Group Reservation Fee!)

Sign up your group for an outside guided climbing session! Group discounts apply and probably is more affordable than you think. Classes available for scouts wanting to achieve the climbing merit badge. Rock climbing walls and slack lines (tight rope walking) is just some of the other activities available during this adventure outdoors! 2 hours of excitement designed for most ages. We allow more time for larger group

Scout Climbing Merit Badge

$25 Scout Climbing Merit Badge Part 1 indoor

$50 Adventure Climbing Merit Badge Part 2 Outdoor

NOTE: This walk on the adventurous side, including activities such as low rope dynamics, scaling rock cliffs, rappelling and or screaming down a zip line. Additional options may include rappelling into caves, exploring a canyon, rolling kayaks, and learning basic survival skills.

Reservations: 573-474-4997

Youth events are always a hit at the Bouldering Garden. As Columbia's indoor rock climbing gym and outdoor climbing guide service, we take pride in providing an exceptional experience inside our facility and outside on the real rocks. Safety is our highest priority next to having an unforgettable event during your next rock climbing class or birthday party. Designed for ages seven and up. (573) 474-4997

Group Dynamics: Outside group climbing events are weather dependent! This popular activity is great for groups looking to achieve the scout climbing merit badge, earn belay certification, and develop group dynamics; co-workers working on trust and communication dependent activities.

Our staff consists of dedicated volunteers who, on top of teaching at the gym, are also full time students, as-well-as having part-to-full time jobs. Because of their demanding schedule, our open to walk-in participant hours are limited to the evenings, Monday through Friday. If for some reason our present public hours do not work with your schedule, please call to inquire about 24 hour key membership options, reservations and other opportunities. If there is a large demand for new hours, we will work around our schedule to better suit you. After all, our goal is to give you the opportunity to learn to climb and live a healthy life.