Gym Atmosphere

Indoor Rock Gym:

The Bouldering Garden

(573) 474-4997

(573) 489-4997 (texts welcome)

5400 Saint Charles Road Suite C

Columbia, Missouri MO 65201

Please email or text your name and mailing information if you purchase a membership, gift certificate, or other online gym pass so that we can double check information and respond asap. Thank you!

Promotional Special:

$25 Gym Intro Package; First Time Visitor Package includes visitor pass and climbing coach introduction to the facility. *** If you have been to the gym before you can still ask for help from our climbing coach or opt out of the coach intro package.

Climbing coaches work for tips and smiles!

$15 Returning Adult Gym Pass / No Reservation Required:

Mon - Fri 6 pm-9 pm (closing by 10 pm)


Sat 12-4 pm (close by 5 pm)

Sunday (by reservation only)

Group Events (by reservation only)

Born To Climb:

Some people are born to run; some are born ninjas, scrambling up and down walls like a Tokay gecko. Unleash your inner lizard warrior with this all American obstacle course challenge tonight, at the Bouldering Garden.

Alternative Workout:

Our rock climbing gym, located in Columbia, Missouri (MO), consists of several caves, a 45 degree wall, a large stalactite, pillars, several slab wall transitions, numerous dihedrals, cracks and arêtes. The gym itself is designed primarily for bouldering and provides lots of soft landing pads. The rated problems range from 5.3 to V13+, which includes a traverse that travels completely around the gym, stretching over 150 feet. New bouldering problems are developed daily. With a chilled atmosphere and a friendly, experienced staff, you will feel comfortable bringing your friends and family along to enjoy the exciting workout. Beginners are welcome and easy-access, walk-in, intro classes start between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm nightly.

Warrior Challenge:

Obstacle course activities include balance boards and a slack line, both of which improve core strength, important climbing balance, and while building trust in others who are spotting. Imagine testing your balancing skills, on a 1 inch wide line of webbing. Below your feet are thick blue mats that represent a pool of finger and toe eating monsters. Every time you touch a mat, a monster takes a toe so the goal is to stay on the walls.


Once across the tight rope and quicksand, you can grab the big gym rope and swing across the bottomless pit. From there, head back to the Tread Wall, where you can climbing for thousands of feet; completely pump out on a seemingly, endless overhang.

The Tread Wall is a rotating wall, like a vertical tread mill for climbers. This continuous climbing develops endurance; increasing the bodies ability to process lactic acid. While this skill may not be at the top of your kids list, you can rest assured that after a kids night out, they are going to nap well later.

Imaginative Fun:

Fun, family activities are encouraged and parents are always welcome to show the kids how it is done! So, for this next challenge, imagine yourself in a cave of spiders. Your working across the cargo web of ropes which even spider man would enjoy hanging out on. Remember, the whole goal is to make it from point A to point B without disturbing the arachnid covered mats below, or for a greater challenge, climb above the net of webs without disturbs a thread! From easy courses to a whole maze of increasingly more difficult options, the path remains up to you and you alone to conquer.

Tables for your event:

Feel free to bring your own picnic, we will provide the table. Food and beverages need to stay in the front room, but we would be more than happy to provide tables, at our facility, during your next reserved group event.

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Clean Facility:

Despite the seemingly endless rain of gym chalk that eventually covers most surfaces by the end of a daily workout session, we strive to keep the gym clean for your next visit.

What to wear:

Workout clothing does vary, from one sport to another, but some basic principles apply to most. Wear layers that allow for the conditions while traveling to and from the workout location. Next, consider a base layer of clothing that is something comfortable, allows for moisture control, temperature control, and body protection.

Depending on the workout conditions in the gym, or out on the trail, consider everything, including: the air temperature, level of humidity, the expected aerobic level of workout, the required warm-up and cool-down which all can effect bodies relative core temperature.

Climbing Shoes:

During a rock'in workout, climbing shoes can greatly improve overall performance and allow for routes of greater difficulty to be achieved. In a nut shell, the specific rock sport shoe features that help one gain a greater level of skill, include: a sticky rubber sole, the shoe's overall sole edging design, snug fit, heel cup, rand compression, and the toe box.

If you wish to increase your workout's difficulty, simply climb in your running shoes. This will force more weight on the fingers and forearms; increasing the power or power endurance aspect of you climbing challenge.

Featured @ The Bouldering Garden:

1. Triangular volume features

2. "Endless Climbing"; Our Tread Wall rotates like a vertical treadmill, changing from steep slab to overhang.

3. Our 45 Degree overhanging wall redesigned...

4. Dino-tooth Stalactite: A mega-feature, called the "Megla-tite", now hangs 3 feet down from the east roof.

5. Steep Cave: overhang now extends into a 60 foot roof system; mimics the "Martini Roof."

6. Extra large stalactite added to the East cave roof.

8. Slack Line: to practice tight rope walking; improving balance

9. Fat Gym Rope: just one of the warrior obstacle course training climb and swing features

10. Steep Pirate's Cargo Net is a hit with the younger crowd during our adult and child, kid birthday parties and group dynamic, obstacle course, challenge activities.

11. Slab wall turned up-side-down; New overhanging wall designed with a splitter hand crack, thin finger layback crack, off-width crack, arete, and sloper.