Parents That Rock

Are Your Kids Climbing The Walls?

Some people are born to run; some are born ninjas, scrambling up and down walls like a Tokay gecko. Unleash your inner lizard warrior with this all American obstacle course challenge tonight, at the Bouldering Garden.

Youth climbing classes are available for walk-in customers or by reservation. If your child is age 6 yrs or older, you may wish to climb with them, at the gym, to keep them from

climbing your walls at home. Friday evenings between 6-9 pm is a great night for Parents That Rock! Our Climbing obstacle course is a fun adventurous activity that includes rock climbing games, slack lining, traversing the "snake pit", big gym rope swing challenge, rotating wall race, spider man cargo net, balancing board and low rope group trust dynamics. Activities are fun for kids and those who are still a kid at heart!$15 per person, per night.

Participate Waiver: Remember to click on, download and print our participation waiver, located at the bottom of this page.

We encourage healthy, family fun and parent involvement!

$15 Youth That Rock (Youth Climbing Pass)

$69 Parents that Rock (for two participants) 1 parent and 1 child

$99 Parents that Rock (for three participants) Example: 1 parent and 2 children or 2 parents and 1 child

Birthday Party / Group Challenge

Save the Date:

$50 2 hour Instructor Reservation Fee pick the date (day and time of the party)

$10 Per participant, for events Mon - Fri, after 6 pm

$15 Per participant, for events Sat afternoon

Business / Organization Events

$50 2 hour Instructor Reservation Fee

$25 Per adult, for indoor events reserved between 9 am - 4 pm


Fri nights 6 pm-9 pm (Close by 10), Saturday Afternoons 12 - 4 pm

Designed for parents and youth who wish to "hangout" with friends and start learning the ropes. Our obstacle course challenges are healthy, alternative PE activities but let's face it, it's all about the fun! Fridays nights are great for beginners or feel free and walk-in any week night, between 6 - 8 pm. An instructor is available to work with you, your friends, and your child, helping you to set fun goals while exploring climbing safely.

Group Event (Reservation Required)

$50 2 hour Instructor Reservation Fee

$10 Per Participant the day of event, for events Mon - Fri, after 6 pm


$15 Per participant, for events Sat afternoon

$20 Per youth, for indoor events reserved during business hours

$25 Per adult, for indoor events reserved during business hours

573-489-4997 Call or Text Welcome

Individual Participation (No Reservation)

$15 "Youth that Rock" intro, for walk-in beginners on Fridays between 6 pm - 9 pm.

$10 "Warrior Challenge" bouldering pass, available as continuing education, Mon - Fri 630 pm - 830 pm Ages 13 and Up.

$5 Equipment Rental


Group / Scout Rock Climbing Merit Badge

(1) Sign up your scout for a climbing merit badge challenge or...

(2) Youth that Rock classes can help check off badge requirements one night a week.

(3) Reserve a weekend group activity and save money per scout!

Group discounts apply and are more affordable than you think.

$50 Instructor and Equipment Reservation Fee

$15 per participant, indoor sessions 6 pm - 9 pm Friday evenings (multiple evenings)

$49 Per participant, outdoor session Scout Group Discount (reservation required)

Outdoor Climbing Class Enrollment

Package Class Options (Some Packages include gym membership & requirements)

_____ $15 Scouts that Rock Part 1 indoor = ($15 x _____ # Participants)

_____ $49 Scout Merit Badge Part 2 Outdoor = ($49 x _____ # Participants) min of ten Scouts

_____ $499 Scout Group Guided Rock Climbing Trip (call for availability)

Group tip activities: rock climbing, hiking, camp skills, etc... many merit badges challenges available.

_____ $199 Beginners Learning the Ropes 105 = ($199 x _____ # Participants) This walk on the adventurous side, includes activities, such as: low rope dynamics, scaling rock walls, and screaming down zip lines. Additional options may include rappelling into a canyon, rolling kayaks, swimming, and learning to safely explore caverns.

Reservations Call (573) 474-4997