Guide Service

Rock Guide Service $49 (Participant Reservation Fee!) Sign yourself up for a personalized outdoor rock climbing experience, or a group, for an adventurous outdoor activity! Rock climbing, kayaking, zip lining and slack lining are just some of the activities available during your next trek outdoors! Hours of excitement, designed for most ages, will keep your group talking about this outing for years. Group discounts apply and is more affordable than you think. Classes available for organized group events, suck as: scouts wanting to achieve the climbing merit badge to business party team building event.

Guided Climbing


$49 Instructor reservation fee per person

Learn the ropes inside, or outside, it is your choice! Beginner rock climbing classes held outside, on real rock, are available weekly. We facilitate an outdoor rock climbing experience designed to encompass your desired adventure objectives. Most outdoor climbing experiences will require at least a few hours, so please plan accordingly.


$49 Reservation fee for those experienced climbers needing a safe, fun climbing guide (buddy) who has all the right equipment. Ask for a Buddy Guide while you are in the area. Check availability for a 1/2 day climb, full day or weekend guide reservation!

Buddy system objective: always have at least two people traveling together, that is to say, no one person is ever needing to climbing alone. We have found that people with some climbing experience may hesitate to contact a climbing guide or instructor. Thus, we offer a wording option which includes the word buddy, as a substitute for the word instructor, guide and partner.

The next step, includes: us asking you 20 questions and booking the activity.

Online Climbing Guide Book - Pick A Destination

Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wyoming

Guided Activities and Club Adventures

Climbing in the Ozarks:

Columbia, MO - Edge of the Ozark Plateau

Northern Arkansas -

Southern Illinois -

Climbing in the Islands:

Mallorca, Spain -

Aruba, Netherlands Antilles -

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles -

Puerto Rico -

Dominican Republic -

Climbing in the Alps:

Switzerland - The Eiger is a massive wall of limestone. Lots of late season snow this year but the area offered rewarding summits, sport crags, and high altitude boudering. The Matterhorn is a very large vertical pile of loose blocks. Coming down is something to consider if you think about gaining this summit.

Germany - Climbing crags seemed much like areas I climbed in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico during Feb of this year. The limestone is very pocketed, much like many other steep Euro crags, and force you to watch your step when walking along the top of the cliffs.

Austria - Steep Alp crags and a great varity of rock types sits just above and near one of my favorite crag areas visited during my 2010 Euro climbing trip, Arco.

Northern Italy - Arco, a small town near lago di Garda, known as "the Garden Lake" and sport climbing mecka of the southern Alps turned out to be more than I expected. I spent one full day deep water soloing on a vetrical slab located on the north-eastern rim of the lake. Good times!

Southern France - Ceuse is an exposed dome of limestone on top of a hill top. The rolling mountains of this area offer many other enjoyable outdoor sport opprotunities and adventures. The area reminded me of the Black Hills of South Dakota. On the south side of these hills is the famous Verdon Gorge. These are some the must see stops for climbers visiting southern France.