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Providing quality climbing wall construction services since 1994.


Designing a new climbing wall to fit your existing facility, is a task that should not be rushed. A climbing structure, is traditionally, a fixed object that is constructed to be utilized for many years to come. Metamorphic Forms incorporates appropriately innovative design concepts, to initiate a sound, designing progress, that follows construction budgets, intended participant versatility, and overall layout function, while maintaining a visually pleasing, facility friendly, final product.

Program Development

Metamorphic Forms specializes in climbing wall program development so you can concentrate on the rest of your facility, business, or camp's stomping grounds. Whether you have an existing wall that needs a bit of updating, or wish to integrate a new climbing structure into your facility, we are sure that you will be surprised at our well-rounded, industry experience and professionalism.


By design, climbing walls typically need regular inspections. We recommend facilities utilize independent structural inspections, gear inspections and program material reviews. Do not leave your organization in the hands of a single product installer. Sure, insurance will cover some aspects of liability but can you afford to take the risk of not getting a second opinion from an independent professional.

Route Setting Services

Climbing walls need, from time-to-time, regular alterations to the rock hold configurations. New routes stimulate continued participant interest and a continuously evolving, competitive sport atmosphere. This is a challenge best suited for an experienced climber that has a great working knowledge of safe, high angle, rope work conditions, climbing hold materials, hardware, rating climbing difficulty, and a secure grasp of the fundamentals of rock climbing movement.

Residential and Commercial Services

Are you considering a climbing wall for your home? Where is the best spot for this permanent structure?

Whether you have new construction or a possible remodel, feel free to give us a ring to discuss your desired climbing wall project.


Is your staff in need of belay certifications? We provide certification instruction for top rope belaying, top rope belay instruction, lead belaying, lead belay instruction, and climbing wall program instruction.

Rock Climbing Holds

We design, test, and manufacture unique rock climbing holds, movable features, and metamorphic forms.

By design, most climbing walls need independent climbing holds attached, by either bolting or screwing the hold to the structure's surface, to create climbing lines, known as routes. Routes created on a wall should differ in difficulty to provide a range of options for a variety of participant skill levels. To achieve this, climbing holds must not only vary in spacing, on the wall, but fluctuate in size and shape, to effectively create the unlimited route design variables used by experienced route setters.

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