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From "Falling From The Heavens" by Marcus Floyd

Skydiving and rock climbing are two sports that have some common grounds. As a licensed rigger I utilize my skills in building anchor systems for filming extreme vertical landscapes both on the rock and in the air. Falling From The Heavens is a short production demonstrating a use of visual video transitions of vertical rock climbing and skydiving VRW transitions. I hope that you can enjoy this low resolution post for maybe some ideas for your very own next project. by Marcus Floyd 2007

Chris Sharma on February 24, 2009 — Esperanza V14 by Chris Sharma Martini Roof Hueco Tanks Texas State Park El Paso TX See this roof system during our next trip this fall and winter. (573) 474-4997John's List of Videos from the Bouldering Garden

June 11, 2007 — Chris Sharma mandando Dream time... V15

June 04, 2007 — Chris Sharma on the first ascent of Dreamcatcher

March 09, 2007 — Chris Sharma doing the 2nd ascent of No Additives (V13?) at Joe's Valley, Utah.

July 22, 2007 — Footage of problems in the Secret Garden area on North Mountain, Hueco Tanks State Park, TX